For the past two days, we’ve been working on a Ramen post for altMNL - and I’ve been having heavy noodles for dinner, alongside that. It’s all good, actually. I get to eat in new places and experience different styles of ramen along the way. I’m no food critic, but I’ll learn in time.

I don’t want to pre-empt anything, so I won’t tell you where these places are just yet. Although, we’ve been checking in and making reviews but…but…fine. You already know where they are.

But then, there are eight more places we’ve yet to try - and that means eight more nights of eating ramen and contemplating on why I still try to go to the gym and do some good cardio when I eat it all on right after. Oh well, that’s the experience.

I love to eat - I guess we can call food as one of my passions, amongst many things I try to do with my life. I’m just in a real messy state of mind right now and I need to focus. Let’s hope going back to blogging about it will help me get my mind on track again.

So there. That’s what is up with my life so far. No job, no money, just being a floater. Here, there, everywhere. Let’s just hope what I have will last until I get some income coming in. Meh, what do you care about my financial crisis anyway…yet I am here writing about it.

Back to food - ramen now, coffee and tea later, then some Spanish dishes in the future. Let’s go, self. And I’ll take you, my friend, my reader, along with me.

If you need a place to hangout with friends, find awesome stuff, chill with a good book, or simply have a coffee experience different from the typical, there’s Subspace Coffee for that.

Located at Unit 103 Ground Floor, Grand Emerald Tower, F. Ortigas Jr. Rd. Ortigas Center, this cozy space is conveniently located to give you a good chill spot in the middle of the busy metro.

Aside from the usual coffee picks, there are other offerings that are uniquely Subspace - like the Purple Potato Latte (that I find a bias to, it tastes real awesome) and the Peanut Butter Latte.

For something to go along with your coffee, they also have some fantastic stuff for you to sink your teeth in: Like theSubspace Lava Cake (pictured above), Chocolate caramel cream cake, and the cinnamon melt.

And talking about tasty, the place has some pretty tasty décor too (no, not edible, but they’re pretty good eyecandy, pun intended)!

Subspace is definitely an awesome place to hang out, relax, and sip on coffee. For more info, visit their Facebook page at or their Tumblr at 

Also, catch Subspace Coffee for the Love Vote segment with Meg Imperial and Aki Torio for Hey, It’s Saberdey! on November 19, November 26, and December 3, 2011. 12:30PM on TV5. Thanks to sir Thor Balanon and sir Wilmer Lopez for letting us in!

These aren’t your generic camera straps - Punchdrunk Panda’s new batch of camera straps are form and function in one! These new camera straps will beat your boring straps any day.

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So if you want a camera strap that’s funky, fashionable, and funtionable, better hit up or visit Analog Soul and LapDance in TriNoma. And try to visit them in these bazaars as well: Global Pinoy Bazaar (Rockwell Tent; November 6, 2011), Luxe Bazaar (Il Terazzo; November 19, 2011), St. James Bazaar (Ayala Alabang Village; November 26-30, 2011) and Port 88 Bazaar (Megatent; December 11-12, 2011)

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