Sometimes, the Tumblr logo gets to change into a really cool thing.

Plot: We meet people who are happy with how good the internet has been to them. Then, we learn that the FCC might allow internet service providers to turn the internet into a dystopian plutocracy. It is up to you to save these people, and the entire internet, by visiting and asking the FCC to take a firm stand on net neutrality. Feat. Mark Ruffalo.

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when u lose ur phone on the bed and can’t find it 


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Another round of the whisper game, this time we’ve got more players and more confusing sentences!

Selfie Game: High

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The Fault In Our Stars (2014) - Josh Boone

Watched the extended version today. Although a little more tiring than the theatrical cut, still carries the expected tearjerker moments and all that jazz.

Dear Vince,



2010. Taon kung saan nalaman ko sa puso ko na meant to be tayo. Meant to be tayo na maging matalik na magkaibigan. Hindi ko na hahalungkatin pa ang 2007 hanggang 2009. Masarap man at masakit ang mga taon na iyan, hindi sa taon na yan ako magbibilang. Uumpisahan ko magbilang sa 2010. 2010. Taon kung saan ko nalaman na mahirap pala nang wala ka. Nahihirapan ako na hindi kita kausap, o kahit makita. Mahirap lumakad sa apat na sulok ng UST nang hindi ka kasama - kumain ng Taho sa Lacson, mag-jamming sa Espanya, tumengga sa Dapitan, at iuwi ako sa dorm ko sa P. Noval. Mahirap na hindi kita kasama sa mga gala na hindi ikaw ang katabi. At mahirap uminom hanggang hating-gabi nang hindi ka kaakbay o kaya kapag ayaw na akong papasukin sa dorm kaya dun nalang ako matutulog sa inyo.


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THANK YOU! Huhu. Love you, #bestfriend

Got twenty three things for my 23rd birthday. I took out a few “personal” gifts. Haha.

I was too happy to receive these since everything was really well thought of. Like how I love John Green but only got to read his books from book exchanges, and that orange juice really gets me going, and how I needed to take a daily vitamin.

Thank you. This counts as 21 things, the other two, I have to keep for myself.