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Sometimes, the Tumblr logo gets to change into a really cool thing.

Plot: We meet people who are happy with how good the internet has been to them. Then, we learn that the FCC might allow internet service providers to turn the internet into a dystopian plutocracy. It is up to you to save these people, and the entire internet, by visiting tumblr.com/stop and asking the FCC to take a firm stand on net neutrality. Feat. Mark Ruffalo.

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when u lose ur phone on the bed and can’t find it 


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Another round of the whisper game, this time we’ve got more players and more confusing sentences!

Selfie Game: High

See also: I should get a haircut

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The Fault In Our Stars (2014) - Josh Boone

Watched the extended version today. Although a little more tiring than the theatrical cut, still carries the expected tearjerker moments and all that jazz.